• Build the new mobile bank for emerging countries

    Grow with us

    Do you know that 2 billion people have limited access to financial services?

    Leave your mark now and let's tackle challenges together!


    Check our values 👇



    Start with the client, never assume 📊

    We are building a bank for our clients, not for us.

    We always use data to proof that what we are doing is actually useful for the customer and remember that our clients live in different environments.



    Churn 9-5 🎯

    Teamwork should be something that we love and embrace - that we do measure in tasks over-achieved and tasks that we own 200%.

    We do not measure in hours completed or vanity metrics like when we come to the office.

    Care for Impact 🥰


    What we do matters - we give underbanked people access to financial services in the emerging world.

    We are passionate about and optimize for our users and we care for our impact.


    A - Players only 💪


    We need the best talents to execute this vision, thrive in a hyper-growth context.


    Fly High - Fly Low 🙌

    We fly high to make big and bold bets - Strategize.


    We fly low and put our hands in the dirt to ensure the detailed high quality output of ourselves and those that we manage.


    We own our responsibilities and strive for accountability.



    Young & Hungry 🏋️

    Y&H is not ever about age but it's all about the mindset.



    We see ourselves just in the beginning of a massive challenge and a long journey and don’t dwell in comfort based on past achievements. We all still have everything to accomplish and are willing to go into incredible depth and length to make this baby big.


    Progress starts where comfort ends 👊🏾

    Growth and big thinking happens at the end of our comfort zone - we optimize for growth not for comfort.
    We move people around us to leave their comfort zone to achieve ambitious company goals.


    Speed over certainty.

    We value execution speed and making decisions with 70% of the available data and a 30% margin of error over 100% accuracy and being blocked by over- analysis.

    That does not mean we sacrifice quality, but it does mean that we take bold bets based on available information.

    Direct Feedback 🤝

    We don't carry frustration with us but give direct feedback to our colleagues regularly to make sure we all improve and get better.
    The “how” matters - Feedback is given with goodwill to help others to improve.

    Logic and Data wins over “I think” 💥

    we do the best to un-bias ourselves and in consequence always follow data or straight logic in decision making vs. biases or hierarchy.
    We are interested in logic and crazy moves, and bold bets rather than unrepresentative previous experiences.

  • Recruitment process

    What can you expect when applying ?



    The screening interview is a short, phone-based interview lasting maximum 30 minutes with one member of HR.


    Technical test

    An online test to validate your technical skills


    A physical interview

    A face to face interview of 2H in our office with 2 members of your future team.


    Referral calls

    A quick call with your previous managers to collect their feedback.



    Well done. You are at the final stage! During this 1/2 day you will do some tests, meet your team and share a meal with everyone!

  • 🚀 Are you ready to join FairMoney to the Moon ? 🚀

  • 🚀 Are you ready to join FairMoney to the Moon ? 🚀